Can We All Get Along?

Who is WWW?

The Internet is getting pretty old these days, not just in the content that is has been delivering but in the real years.  The Internet is a graying 45 years old but his son, World Wide Web, is only 25.  You see WWW is the Internet as most of us may know it.  This 25 year old, over confident, sideways hat wearing, pain in our back side is barely out of college and still working his way into a stable career.   WWW is still hanging out frequently with his college friends, sifting through his epic porn collection, drinking beers and playing Madden after his job at the tech support call center. Continue reading

I’m Reaching My Limit

For quite a while now I’ve felt like video games are as much an art form as a billboard on the side of the road.  The answer depends on how you feel about billboards.  Free-2-Play is really taking off and not showing signs of slowing down.  In that hit-driven lottery, the science going into monetization is getting downright scary.  Thank goodness for indie games… Thank goodness for…  Nintendo?! Continue reading

We Are All Famous

Celebrity refers to popular fame and public attention in the media, usually applied to a person, or group of people (celebrity couple, family etc.), or occasionally, to animals or fictional entities. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune) and fame can often provide opportunities to make money. Continue reading

Pipeline Problems

Converting 3D assets from a cryptic bag of variable length indexes normally found in modeling packages into a streamlined collection of high performance vertex buffers has been around as long as 3D gaming has existed.  The format in which data is stored in these packages seldom represent how we need to structure them for efficient rendering. Continue reading

The Cost of Isolation

Welcome, and follow me to the slow decent into career purgatory.

Over 3 years ago I took a huge gamble, I made a big change in my life.  I convinced my employer to allow me to work remote, and uprooted what was the majority of my life in Florida to North Carolina.  What is more important than the move however is perhaps the aftermath of that move. Continue reading

How Important Is Transparency?

Transparency.  It’s a funny word that means quite a few things based on context or subject matter.  In either case however, there is one overwhelming theme through them all; it involves the ability to see through something.  Whether this means the ability to see light pass through an object or see the truth on the other side, the idea of transparency sounds quite noble.  This is exactly why I’ve started to ask myself if transparency is always the right choice, or more specifically; how important is transparency? Continue reading

[Spoiler] Thoughts of Wolfenstein: New World Order

As usual, here’s my late thoughts on a game most people have probably played and sold back to GameStop by now.  But maybe there is something worth reading still.  Let’s find out.

If you haven’t noticed from the giant [Spoiler] tag in the headline, I’m not pulling punches in this discussion.  If you read on and something is spoiled for you then you only have yourself to blame.  And now, with that out of the way… Continue reading

Doom3 Linear Lighting

Doom3 was a really dark game.  I saw some interesting tweaks inside of the main shader that made me ask the question, “Did it have to be so dark?”

There was a fairly strict directive of no more than 2 lights touching each other, otherwise the lights had to be very small.  Size mattered when it came to lights.  The larger a light source was, the more pixels it would fill on the screen.  Between the dynamic lighting and the stencil shadow rendering, PC’s of the day were crying in their diapers. Continue reading

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