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Two Sides of One Coin Can Never Face

This nation appears to be composed from two sides of the same coin, each side facing away from the other.  I’d like to believe that there is a way to get these two sides to come together but there is a fundamental flaw in their beliefs…

One side of that coin believes in a brutal and unforgiving animalistic reality.  In this world, only the rich and strong survive.  It is truly a band of uneasy alliances, where every man is his own island.  If you show any signs of weakness, any signs of unforeseen illness, you need to be thinned from the herd.  There is no room for the frail, be them new to life or at the end of their life.  There is only time for those who will serve the greater purpose, to gain more power and more riches.  Any collateral damage is an acceptable amount, as long as it does not effect them.  For all of it’s bible-beating and proclamations of Jesus Christ, at it’s heart, the Republican party is as close to the animal kingdom as it gets.  The great irony of this party is their gift to take the message of a socialist immigrant like Jesus and turn him into a poster child for a nationalist corporatist party.

On the other side of that coin is an enigma, lost in an enigma.  The very spine of their belief is to be the voice of the people.  They believe in a multi-headed ideology that is to bring everyone together on a common thread of unity.  It’s all very kumbaya with peace pipes around the camp fire, but it’s built around an antithesis of the other side and a collection of flawed thoughts.  The other side believes in a simple truth, “I want more so that you may have less,” where the this side believes in a more balanced approach; believes that the rich should contribute to the well-being of the less fortunate.  The other side believes in protecting a baby until it’s born, while this side believes in protecting a baby after it’s born.  The other side believes that it is every man for himself and as such should not pay taxes, while this side believes that taxes are the key to balancing the power among the people.  The deepest flaw that the Democratic party suffers today is that they have lost their way.  On the surface much hasn’t changed, they still call themselves the party of the people, but on paper they have become a kinder and more gentle version of the very same party they exist to oppose.

Republican voters seem to vote consistently against their own self interest and Democratic voters have fallen prey to an establishment.  Like sheep both parties seem to do what the TV tells them, and not what their own thoughts tells them.  It’s not surprising that we are where we are today in this country; a leader with approval ratings in the toilet and a nation torn apart by bigotry and racism, all motivated by fear and animal instinct.

Death to Super Heroes, Democracy Now

I read a lot of articles online, many of them about politics lately.  It seems that there are a lot of people trying to cope with the reality of a candidate with a 93% chance of winning somehow losing in a blowout.  On top of that, I’m seeing a lot of people talking about how bad life is outside of the cities and how their way of life is gone.  I read a lot of questions and complaints online, but never answers.  It’s baffling; are we venting or do we really not know how to resolve our own problems?  If we don’t know how to solve our hometown problems, how can we expect someone living in an ivory tower 2,000 miles away to know what is best for us?