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America Isn’t Nearly Angry Enough

Now I realize that this blog has always been – and will continue to be – about the much more interesting topics of games and interactive entertainment, but I have to pause.  Twitter just isn’t enough for me to express my feelings on this one and I have to… I MUST get this off of my chest…  It doesn’t happen often.. but I.. am.. pissed.

ReganI grew up in a Republican home, which is kind of funny because we were poor.  For as long as I can remember the Republican party has always represented a certain anti-government initiative.  On the surface that sounds great, “down with establishment” you might be thinking to yourself; and I’m sure many people did for a long time.  The heart of the issue there – something I did not discover until I was much older – is that the power, the influence is still there and it has to go somewhere.  If you don’t hand the power over to governments you hand it over to corporations and private industries instead.

When I was old enough to vote I started out Democrat, which you can imagine was a real punch in the gut to a somewhat naive Republican family.  Many years later I changed to Independent because I didn’t feel like Democrats nor Republicans understood me.  Here’s why..

citizens-unitedOn the other side of the fence we have a Democratic party that is becoming more and more Republican by the term.  They continue to accept Super PACs (large sums of money from private investors and corporations without ceilings), they campaign on a loose platform of giving “power to the people” when what they are really saying is, “power to the private sector”.  They’ve become a twisted web of people fighting for self interest over the interest of their people.  And it has finally all come to a boil.

This election was 20+ years in the making.  You have a Republican who is sure to drag our nation into another war.  You have a Democrat who’s name continues to appear in every conversation containing deep scandalous roots throughout the party.

Hillary always seems to be just around the corner, at arms reach, when secrets break out and the news isn’t good.  The Clintons are smart, they have their fingers in everything, and like some kind of Mafia crime boss they are just far enough to claim they didn’t know the corruption was there; over and over and over.  For as long as she and her family have been in politics, there’s always a story there; always.

Now…  The question is, what do we do about it now?  In short, the answer is nothing this time; there will be no re-vote, there will be no resignation.

The Social Justice Warrior

14kel3kI get upset when I hear men and women say that they voted and are going to vote for Hillary because she is a woman and how, “amazing” it would be to see a female President…  This is easily one of my most frustrating hang-ups with this election.  When I voted for Obama; twice, I did not vote for the guy because he was Black.  I voted for Obama because he was the best candidate for the job; I believed in his message and I felt that he pulled through on most of his biggest platforms.  I refuse to look at a candidate, and talk about how amazing it will be to have a female President when I can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth..  Nothing.  I’m not even sure her name is Hillary; that is how much I don’t trust her.  And this has nothing to do with being a woman.  If you want me to vote for a woman, put Elizabeth Warren on the ballot.  It’s not about voting for ANY woman, it’s about voting for THE woman you can trust.


Don’t get me wrong, Trump is the Devil; he may actually be THE Devil.  Or maybe he is just a racist idiot, but we already knew that.  He’s not even trying to hide it, or he’s not smart enough to hide it.  I’m not concerned about finding some deep dark secret about Trump, but I am very concerned about how deep Hillary’s story is.  I want to know what her real agenda is, but sadly that will follow her to the grave.  There is a story there too big for words, and enough selfish intent to send her to prison for life, but we’ll never know what that is.

Bernie or Bust

3a0Not voting is not the answer either, I’ve come to realize this.  For every Democrat that does not vote there’s a Republican who voted for Hillary because they can’t stand Trump.  There is strange sort of balance to the world, a supernatural instinct that results in a kind of Yin and Yang.  Not voting isn’t giving a vote to Trump or giving a vote to Hillary; it’s the absence of opinion.  People will vote how they want to vote, and not voting changes nothing, it says nothing.  But what about the lesser of two evils?

The Lesser of Evils

This mantra is trash.  Anyone who argues for the lesser of two evils doesn’t know what they are asking for.  Anyone who argues for the lesser of two evils can not produce a single term where the country was significantly better for it; they just slowed the downward spiral, deferred issues for another generation to worry about.  The lesser of two evils is what you say when you are tired of having ideals, when you’ve given up and said, “sure whatever, just let that guy be in charge.”  I’ve decided to vote, not for the lesser of two evils, but the greater of two evils.  And I’ll tell you exactly why…

360_gw_bush_disappoint_0112For all the suffering this nation has endured it clearly has not been enough.  Enough people haven’t died, enough famine and disease has not reached our borders, enough pain hasn’t been felt for this nation to wake up and stop making the popular choice and start making the hard choice.  As Americans, we need to be more than mildly irritated by the actions of our politicians, we need to be downright furious.  We need to have the top 1% stop making decisions for the rest of us.  We need people with power to be held to the same standards as any other person on the side of the road.  We need accountability when it is due.

It’s easier to boo and hiss, it’s easier to call your local news channel to complain, it’s easier to say a lot of things.  What’s really hard is doing; waiting for hours in a line to cast your vote, or forming groups to talk to your Congressman about issues that matter, and forming petitions to back your claims.  But if you don’t want to do the legwork, voting is the one opportunity you have every 4 years to say how you feel and you can’t piss on it with some, “life is unfair” speech you give yourself every morning.

Voting With Violence

Guess what; life is unfair.  If life was fair, Bernie Sanders would have had a level playing field against Hillary.  If life was fair, corporations wouldn’t have the ability to buy elections or “pay to win” access to politicians of great influence.  Life isn’t fair; we need to find ways to fight fire with fire and right now that fire is the political system not a semi-automatic rifle.  I’m telling you now, if you think you will make one bit of difference in this world by picking up a firearm and pointing it at the establishment you are bringing a gun to a political fight and politics are in another league.  There are more heads to that hydra than you have rounds in a clip and you’ll be throwing your life away just so another misguided politician can take the throne in their place.


So no.. Violence is not going to fix this, but the lesser of two evils is not going to fix this either.  The lesser of two evils is not going to fund psychological training for better law enforcement.  The lesser of two evils is not going to enact true reform for young criminals, or create a business model that helps Americans help themselves.  The lesser of two evils will not stop the United States from starting another war we don’t belong in.  The lesser of two evils can and will endure longer than you ever could.

People are so absorbed with their own problems, they feel so defenseless, that they can’t see the opportunity to fix this is (was) right in front of them.  So… My conclusion is simple.  Before things can get better, they have to get worse, much much worse.  People need a reason to get out and vote and it can’t be to vote for someone because they are black or white or a woman or because their flagrant lies aren’t as bad as the other candidate.  People need to vote for someone because the system has failed them all, because nothing motivates like rock bottom.  That isn’t going to happen until it gets worse.  The best candidates with the best of intent will not win a Presidential race as long as America is complacent with their dissatisfaction.  This isn’t going to happen in 2016 but it needs to happen in 2020; it’s imperative that it happen.  America can not go on like this, with the hate crimes and the authority-figures of this country having the lion’s share of rights, and the underprivileged thinking the only way out is through violence and drugs.

The Greater of Two Evils

The lesser of two evils isn’t less when you compound on that frame of mind year after year after year until you are so far in moral debt that you don’t even realize how bad it has gotten.  We are all boiling frogs right now, but it’s time to turn up the heat.

For all of those reasons, I am regretfully going to vote for Trump.  I think he is the worst of the worst candidates and that’s exactly why he needs to win.  America needs a slap in the face and a kick in the ass.  They need to get angry, furious, hungry, and it’s not there yet.  American people need to have a drive and motivation that all the money and political power in the country can’t stop.  Americans need to join together as a single voice and agree that the entire system is rigged, and they have to WANT things to change.  American’s have to move beyond looking at the TV and thinking that it’s somebody else’s problem because it’s not in their town, not on their front door.  No..

America isn’t nearly angry enough; not yet.

Console Wars and Conformity

Conformity.  It’s a relatively soothing word that rolls off of the tongue, as it should.  Conformity is this idea of fitting in by following a set of rules or guidelines that define what is normal and what is not.  Conformity is that innate voice in your head that see’s a pattern and feels a sense of awkwardness for not falling into place with that pattern.  We all do it, we are practically conditioned to do it.  It would only take a short trip down the Internet rabbit hole to find videos of people facing the wrong direction in an elevator because everyone else was doing it.  We’ve seen videos of people paying for VIP seats at a bus stop because the only time that it’s okay to break the mold of conformity it’s to rise to a new tier in the same social structure.  Why ,after all, would we conform

Has Nintendo NX Already Failed?

“We believe that the NX will recapture a lot of the lapsed Wii players,” – Alain Corre (Ubisoft EMEA Executive Director) “For us, it’s not about specs, it’s not about teraflops, it’s not about the horsepower of a particular system.  For us, it’s about the content,” – Reggie Fils-Aime No matter where you stand, either as a fan or opposer of Nintendo, I think it’s hard to argue with how painful these statements are.  We have an executive director who is making claims that the NX will bring back the Wii crowd, a group that was universally agreed upon by industry professionals and journalists to be long gone.  Those casual players were here and gone, having moved to other platforms like mobile or more adult consoles with 3rd party support like Xbox and Playstation.

Breaking The Game

Dear Game Developers, I don’t play online games of any kind.  The last online game I played was Quake 3, and primarily because this game saw very few changes after launch.  It was also a game that spawned off of my bread and butter; single-player offline experiences.  Quake 2 was a flawed game in many ways, but that is exactly why I loved it so much.  The physics in the game was a particularly interesting topic of discussion.  Most of the Quake games had a long-standing bug in their movement that allowed players to perform feats not originally intended by the designers.  These physics flaws lead to insane Quake speed runs.  Quake 3 had an opportunity to purge the bug but they embraced it, enhanced and refined it.  It became a staple of the core mechanics in the game.  I appreciated this, and it was one of the primary reasons