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What’s Your Dream?

Do you still dream?  I used to.  I used to dream all the time when I was younger.  I was brimming with hope for the future, and like an old stone standing against the ocean waves, my self has eroded to something very different today from where I started.

From what I can tell SK-II is some sort of makeup line or something.. but wow they make great little documentary shorts that expose a lot of cultural stigmas and practices.

The video below was especially good as well; it really hit home for me. A nearly complete part of me doesn’t remember what my dream used to be, I wouldn’t know how to dream if I tried.  You get older and life changes a person from imagining the impossible to a life of subsistence where you stop dreaming about 10 years, 20 years, and you only think about tomorrow.

When you’ve lived enough years you learn to give up on dreams.  A heart can break only so many times before it doesn’t mend, and healing is harder to do the older you get.  I’d like to believe that I still have a dream, but I wouldn’t know what it looked like if revealed itself.  And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t take the risk if the opportunity presented itself.  My only dream left is to wish that my child has a dream of her own and overcomes hurdles that I could not.

…I don’t sleep well anymore.  Maybe it’s because I don’t dream anymore.

Console Wars and Conformity

Conformity.  It’s a relatively soothing word that rolls off of the tongue, as it should.  Conformity is this idea of fitting in by following a set of rules or guidelines that define what is normal and what is not.  Conformity is that innate voice in your head that see’s a pattern and feels a sense of awkwardness for not falling into place with that pattern.  We all do it, we are practically conditioned to do it.  It would only take a short trip down the Internet rabbit hole to find videos of people facing the wrong direction in an elevator because everyone else was doing it.  We’ve seen videos of people paying for VIP seats at a bus stop because the only time that it’s okay to break the mold of conformity it’s to rise to a new tier in the same social structure.  Why ,after all, would we conform

Has Nintendo NX Already Failed?

“We believe that the NX will recapture a lot of the lapsed Wii players,” – Alain Corre (Ubisoft EMEA Executive Director) “For us, it’s not about specs, it’s not about teraflops, it’s not about the horsepower of a particular system.  For us, it’s about the content,” – Reggie Fils-Aime No matter where you stand, either as a fan or opposer of Nintendo, I think it’s hard to argue with how painful these statements are.  We have an executive director who is making claims that the NX will bring back the Wii crowd, a group that was universally agreed upon by industry professionals and journalists to be long gone.  Those casual players were here and gone, having moved to other platforms like mobile or more adult consoles with 3rd party support like Xbox and Playstation.

Breaking The Game

Dear Game Developers, I don’t play online games of any kind.  The last online game I played was Quake 3, and primarily because this game saw very few changes after launch.  It was also a game that spawned off of my bread and butter; single-player offline experiences.  Quake 2 was a flawed game in many ways, but that is exactly why I loved it so much.  The physics in the game was a particularly interesting topic of discussion.  Most of the Quake games had a long-standing bug in their movement that allowed players to perform feats not originally intended by the designers.  These physics flaws lead to insane Quake speed runs.  Quake 3 had an opportunity to purge the bug but they embraced it, enhanced and refined it.  It became a staple of the core mechanics in the game.  I appreciated this, and it was one of the primary reasons