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Death to Super Heroes, Democracy Now

I read a lot of articles online, many of them about politics lately.  It seems that there are a lot of people trying to cope with the reality of a candidate with a 93% chance of winning somehow losing in a blowout.  On top of that, I’m seeing a lot of people talking about how bad life is outside of the cities and how their way of life is gone.  I read a lot of questions and complaints online, but never answers.  It’s baffling; are we venting or do we really not know how to resolve our own problems?  If we don’t know how to solve our hometown problems, how can we expect someone living in an ivory tower 2,000 miles away to know what is best for us?

A part of me feels like the nation has put so much weight on the president because we have this fascination with Super Heroes.  We expect to lean on that one person to “save” us because we don’t know how to fix it.  The American answer always seems to be, “throw more money at the problem”, but we know that isn’t working.  We spend more money per student in our education system than most other countries and are still 23rd in the world.  We spend as much in military as the remainder of the entire world combined and we are still victim to acts of terror.

This 2016 election has leaded me to change my focus away from the Super Hero, away from the one person who can save us all.  I don’t think our answers fall in the hands of the president; I think that the answers fall in the hands of the individual.  We need to find a way to democratize our solutions rather than elect a concentration of power within our Congress.

I genuinely want a path forward that will help democratize our nation, down to the allocation of resources and the funding of programs.  We need a more transparent government that allows for online polling and real-time assessment of the populist belief.  We live in one of the most high tech nations in the world, quickly approaching broadband on a nationwide scale.  We should have the ability to express our voices in real-time and be heard in real-time.  There should be a website and/or mobile app that gives our local officials a direct line of communication with the people they represent.  There should be a path of communication that allows citizens to up and down vote each and every piece of legislation before it meets the floor.

How is it that we get a new iPhone ever year but we can’t modernize a 200 year old political platform?!