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Trump Is A True Capitalist

Here in America we often associate Capitalism as a mostly positive thing.  We wrap it in the flag and talk about the strength is has given our nation.  We stand on our soapboxes to declare our victory against of the Queen and our sustained independence as proof positive that capitalism was the answer, not the oligarchy of old times.

Americans are very proud of their choice to embrace Capitalism, but is it what we really imagined it to be?  Is Capitalism about shrewd investments and working hard to someday be your own man?  Sadly no.  Capitalism today is no different than it was when it started.  It is built on a single fundamental law; in order to maximize income one must exploit others for personal gain.  Now at first you might think of me as cynic but stick with me, this won’t take long.

Did you know that George Washington was an avid slave owner?  He was a pretty successful guy in his own right, as were many slave owners of their time.  Even as early as the first days of our organized government, we had a separation of working class, middle class, and upper class.  Back then it split into Slaves, Craftsmen, and Plantation Owners, but the lines were still very clear.  There was the thin line between Slaves and Master Craftsmen, and a wide line between the Plantation Owners and everybody else.  The Craftsmen still got up every morning and worked themselves to the bone to keep their families fed; they were the early day “small business owner” who struggled to pay their taxes and stay relevant in an every evolving era.  The Plantation Owners would do business with these Craftsmen; tools from the blacksmith or Medicine from the local doctor.  But the real money was in the slave labor.

For a few hundred dollars an owner could buy a worker and get a return on their investment.  This was the earliest form of exploitation in our “civilized” nation.  Today, our Working Class employees are living on poverty wages, often huddled in shanty apartments fit for half as many people.  Today Working Class Americans are being told what they can have and can’t, how to live, how to spend their money; all while being looked down on.  They’ve all been guilty of the crime of being poor; a position they were put into by a system designed to underpay and overwork the manpower needed to make money for a richer few.

If you are angry about immigrants, understand that you are an immigrant unless you are NATIVE American.  If you are upset about undocumented workers taking jobs, understand that it’s not your fault; it’s your employers, it’s our government who let them employee undocumented workers without penalty.  Many businesses claim that they don’t have the man-power and yet there are American’s who say they can’t find work.  The truth is that we have jobs to give Americans, but they don’t want those jobs because they don’t pay competitively.  It wouldn’t make sense for a citizen out of Ohio to migrate to California to pick grapes during the season because they would lose money, and employers won’t raise pay because they don’t have to.  So who do you blame; the immigrant willing to work for pennies on the dollar because it allows them to send money home to their jobless family, or the employer who pays pennies on the dollar because the government turns a blind eye?

Automation of Working Class jobs is a direct Capitalist reaction to Socialist uprising; if we can’t continue to exploit human lives as we have for hundreds of years, we must create a life that humans will allow us to exploit.  Robots are the new slave, and the competition for jobs that were once lucrative are now being diluted by machines.

Understand a few simple truths and you’ll understand how this country works.

  1. Capitalism is slavery by any other name.  It is the exploitation of others for personal gain.
  2. Because of the powers bestowed to corporations by the American court system, Capitalism has become the thing it was meant to destroy; the few having so much and the many having so little.
  3. If you live in America, and you are angry at someone less fortunate than you, it’s because you are being manipulated by someone more fortunate than you.