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My Semi-Spoilery Review of Logan

I saw Logan with the wife this week. It was too violent for her but I really liked it. I’d say it’s easily one of the best Marvel films to date – it’s certainly one of the most brutal and gritty Marvel films to date – and though that might not fit every character I feel like it fit Wolverine. He’s always been the savage of the bunch, the one who towed the line between justice and self interest.
It’s hard to talk about the movie without spoilers. The only thing I can say is that Hugh Jackman has been talking about retiring as Wolverine for years now; the guy is like 50 years old. For him to finish his career as Wolverine using the “Old Man Logan” series from the comics was very fitting. Though the story line really is completely different from Old Man Logan (thank God, because that series fell off a cliff) the basic premise is still there; a world where mutant populations are fading and there aren’t many left.
Age was a reoccurring theme throughout the film, from Professor X’s spiteful bantering, later explained, to Wolverine himself suffering from the aches and pains of a hard life lived. The whole movie felt like a modern spaghetti western, and even had scenes of Professor X and the little girl watching old western cowboy movies together. From beginning to end, it had the essence of your everyday mildly dysfunctional family that we all could likely relate to – albeit with buckets of exploding heads and eviscerated torsos.
I had maybe only two real complaints. One was that I felt like I was two or three scenes ahead of the movie the entire time. There were no surprises, not one. My second complaint has more to do with the “video game” / “comic book” culture. It’s an age old question in games and comics, and often times films. This last question might be a spoiler so you can stop reading if you don’t want to know but here it is… Can a creative work; video game, comic, or movie, who’s foundation is often built upon violence and surmounting opposition be considered a great film if there is no mastermind, no one true villain to be the object of your rage, or demon to conquer except the ones you live with everyday?